Coleen Zeiser
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What A Gift!  / Hilary Kurtz (Friend)  Read >>
What A Gift!  / Hilary Kurtz (Friend)
Coleen, Was such a dear. I met her through my membership in The Bel- Air Republican Women's group. She often got us wonderful speakers and would introduce them with great fan fair. As years past and she and Fritz no longer came to all the gatherings, I developed a new relationship with Coleen. Coleen remembered I was a gift consultant for large corporations and wondered if I knew of anyone who could wrap an occasional wedding gift or present. I said I would be happy to help and it would give us several opportunities to enjoy each others company. First I would pick up the treasure she had tucked away for the gift, discuss her needs for it, where and when she needed it back and what she saw for the wrapping. We'd speak politics every meeting as well and then I would go off and put this gift together for her. I did not do this for the modest money I would charge, but as a favor and because I enjoyed each and every visit. She was an amazing lady and I as so sorry to hear of her passing. We did this several times and I will miss driving up to her place in Bel-Air. My thoughts and prayers go out to Coleen and her friends and family. Sincerely, Hilary Anne Kurtz Close